Author Page

Grace Howie is a 23-year-old aspiring writer. She graduated from the University of Mary Washington in the Spring of 2018. She double majored in English: Creative Writing and Communication & Digital Studies.

Grace was a music journalist for her University paper, The Blue & Gray Press, for a few years and has not only written many reviews but also conducted multiple interviews with local and nationally touring musicians. Since graduating she has been contributing to multiple music publications including Too Many Blogs. You can find all of her contributions and articles here.

She has also been published twice in The RS 500. She first wrote an essay that found the perfect balance between the personal and informative in regards to the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. In her second essay she explored her misconceptions about live albums and what makes one great, specifically when it comes to
The Allman Brother’s Band live album “At Fillmore East”.

She is currently working on a Novella.

When she’s not writing, Grace is the lead singer & bassist of the Fredericksburg based band, So Badly. Or she is busy making sure her cat, Albert, is getting more than enough attention.